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how to fix the resolution of my computer? etc...

how to fix the resolution of my computer?

I've tried to fix the resolution of my computer with cvt/xrandr command, but xrandr says:

X Error of failed request: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)

What should I do...

Bumped into dependency hell.

When I try to install hoogle, cabal returned a dependency error.

.... I can see the future in which I am caught in the tangled dependency hell over some libraries I use.

Cabal developers should implement a system like the rvm's gemset.

vimperator dump error:Model.db is undefined

Thanks to this page:

Model.db is... - ebith - FriendFeed

I deleted hatenaBookmark addon, delete ~/.mozilla/***/hatenabookmark , reinstall hatena, and login to hatena to fix this problem.